About Us

Second Source Medical LLC (SSM) is an FDA-registered medical device contract manufacturing company in San Jose, California. Our experienced staff assists clients with their design, process and assembly needs to create solutions which address their requirements. SSM occupies over 22,000 square ft lab, office, warehouse and controlled environment space dedicated to manufacturing and process engineering. We focus on, but are not limited to, micro catheters, balloon catheters; braided or coiled wire, and other angioplasty equipment.


Our goal is to enable clients the most rapid time-to-market possible by providing engineering and manufacturing support to expand clients' capabilities. Creating cost effective solutions to the typical resource-constrained manufacturing projects, SSM is focused on enabling clients to achieve their potential.


Established in 2004, Second Source Medical was founded to meet the growing manufacturing needs of medical device companies seeking to reduce costs and speed their time to commercialization. The current medical device industry trend focuses company efforts on key technologies/critical core competencies, often moving away from the traditional vertically-integrated business model. SSM provides engineering and manufacturing capabilities to companies looking for a new way of successfully managing this changing business environment. 

Management Briefs

Ross Tsugita

Member & Founder

Mr. Tsugita founded Second Source Medical with over 30 years of experience designing and developing medical devices and biomaterials for the interventional, surgical and drug delivery markets. His interest in the medical device industry began while working at ALZA Corporation developing and evaluating polymeric coatings and membranes for transdermal and oral osmotic controlled release drug delivery systems. Leveraging this experience along with a BS degree in polymer processing and materials, Mr. Tsugita has focused his career on bringing new medical products to market. His list of accomplishments also includes over 40 issued US patents and 4 published scientific peer-reviewed articles.

Mr Tsugita has worked on a wide range of devices including:

complex catheter assembly; braid and coil supported catheter construction; medical packaging; sterile product management; sterilization validation


  • Abbott Laboratories continuous cardiac output oximetery catheters
  • Nitinol & stainless steel guidewires
  • Hydrophilic coated neurovascular catheters
  • EMBOL-X blood filters
  • Occlusion devices
  • Vascular & non-vascular stents
  • Target Therapeutics detachable embolic coils
  • Hearing aids
  • Imaging catheters
  • Landec surgical incise drapes & adhesives
  • Intra-aortic cannulas
  • Balloon occlusion catheters
  • SciMed guidewire filters

Mr. Tsugita has performed as both a senior manager and lead developer with small venture-funded companies such as IMETR-X Inc and with large multi-national medical device corporations such as Boston Scientific Corp. His projects ranged from designing new medical implants to developing and implementing design changes for existing commercial product lines to extend product lifecycles. Based on these experiences, Mr. Tsugita saw the need for creating a new manufacturing pipeline for medical devices. Second Source Medical LLC (SSM) was founded to provide manufacturing opportunities for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies in an ISO 13485 certified environment.

Elisa Huang

Member & CFO

Ms. Huang is SSM’s head of finance, accounting, human resources, IT, and administration. In this role she leverages her experience with major firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers. After migrating to the biotech industry, she was responsible for finance and administration in XinChen Investment Corporation. Earlier, Ms. Huang held analyst roles in Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting and Nokia Taiwan. Immediately prior to her new role at SSM, she was the CFO and COO for Medeon Biodesign Inc, a publicly traded medical device company in Taiwan with a responsibility in operations, finance and administration.

Ms. Huang received her bachelor's degree in Accounting from Soochow University in Taiwan.


Albert Weng, PhD

Member & Chief Development Officer

Dr. Weng serves as SSM’s Chief of Development & Engineering. He leads R&D and co-development services assigned by clients.

Before joining Second Source, Dr. Weng was VP of R&D for Medeon Biodesign Inc, a publicly traded medical device company where he led the development of CrossSeal, a large-bore femoral closure device which was later acquired by Terumo Corporation. Dr. Weng was a senior scientist and principal investigator at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan, where he led advanced technology and product development projects for commercialization. Dr. Weng brings over 20 years of experience in cardiovascular, orthopedic, and liver disease treatments as well as cell therapy. He is the inventor/author of more than 30 patents and scientific publications including in high impact peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Weng received his MS in Biochemical Sciences at the National Taiwan University and completed his PhD in Materials Sciences and Engineering at the National Tsing-Hua University. He has served as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Shawn W. Davis

Member & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Shawn W. Davis serves as Chief Operating Officer for Second Source Medical, responsible for overseeing ongoing business operations with a passion for quality, efficiency, and customer success.  Previously, he has led the development and implementation of ISO 13485 certified Quality System at MedeonBio (www.MDNBio.com) and supported contract development and manufacturing capabilities.

Mr. Davis has built his career through a range of experiences in start-up and established medical device organizations from early R&D to large-scale international operations.  His experiences include hands-on and leadership success at companies such as GE Healthcare (Ultrasound and Patient Monitoring), Evalve/Abbott (MitraClip – Structural Heart), and Elixir Medical (Bioadaptor, Bioresorbable, and Drug Eluting Stents).

Mr. Davis received his BS in Computer Engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) with a minor in Business Management.