Second Source Medical is an agile and highly flexible contract manufacturing service provider for the development and manufacturing of innovative medical devices, catering to both emerging companies and large enterprises alike. 

We offer a wide range of professional services and facilities such as controlled environment rooms, silicone controlled environment rooms, yellow rooms, R&D spaces, and prototyping and manufacturing labs. Here is more information:

Controlled Environment Room (CER) Services

Second Source Medical's San Jose facility houses multiple ISO Class 7 certified Controlled Environment Rooms (CER) to fulfill the manufacturing needs of clinical use devices where the particle counts and/or microbiological activities are controlled to our customers' prescribed requirements. 

controlled environment cleanroom; ISO Class 7 certified CER

Silicone Controlled Environment Room (CER)

Specialized needs for silicone processes? Second Source Medical provides a dedicated ISO Class 7 silicone-controlled environment room for a wide variety of silicone process applications.

silicone controlled room; silicone process control; ISO certified Class 7 CER

"Yellow" Room Services

The "yellow" room is a laboratory with a controlled ultraviolet (UV) environment, within which personnel may handle, mix, bottle and package UV-sensitive materials, while minimizing UV exposure. With certified ISO13485, SSM provides traceability in compliance with regulatory requirements. 

controlled UV environment; access for ultraviolet sensitive materials; UV-sensitive control

Prototyping/Manufacturing Labs and Other Services

Our prototyping and manufacturing labs provide a wide selection of equipment and capabilities to help support our customers in their product and process development efforts. With decades of engineering and quality excellence, SSM offers comprehensive engineering solutions for tight-tolerance/high-performance challenging processes for device assembly with high confidence of process capabilities based on your needs. 

prototyping capability; tight tolerance high-performance assembly; process control equipment